(Much of below assembled or written by SLG in May 2006 -- in 2009 still watching Bulgaria & Romania's mechanism verifications)

Is America and Europe on a courseway to a certain collision pre-announced in your Bible?

Does Europe have reason to unite inself against the interests and powers of America?  And, can and would the people of the United States be wise to watch out against the powers taking shape in the coming United States of Europe (the EU)?
Once these countries have satisfied the requirements for entry into the EU, will the foundation of a giant trap not be set to spring into the Biblically prophecied Beast with the ten nations that give it @@ power.

The PLAIN TRUTH, November, 1954, p. 7: "Word comes from the College of Cardinals that the possibility of the new pope being chosen (when that becomes a necessity) from the ranks other than Italian is not too remote. The next pope could be the man who will unite Europe!"

[NOTE: This was about 25 years ahead of its time! When Wojtila, a Pole, was elected as Pope John Paul II, he was powerfully instrumental in Poland for nurturing "Solidarity" and for prying Russia's grip loose from Poland and Eastern Europe.]

The PLAIN TRUTH, February, 1962, p. 5: "On the WORLD TOMORROW program, and in the pages of the PLAIN TRUTH, we have been shouting to a heedless world for [many] years this was going to would come as an ECONOMIC force, bringing unprecedented prosperity to Europe. But also, it is to become a political and military combine—a gigantic third power bloc in the world, that will include more population, greater man-power, and possibly even greater military resources than either the United States or Russia. When this giant combine—a United States of EUROPE—finally emerges as such before a startled and dumbfounded world, it will last only a very short time. It will fight against Jesus Christ at His Second Coming!"

[NOTE: Read Revelation 17:12-14 with Revelation 19.  Almost daily now there is something in the news related to the status of readiness with compliance prerequisites by Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.  These which were within the bounds of the old Roman Empire.]

NOW NOTICE THIS:  (This is not new, but may have gone by many with little notice:  The moment in time when God would first begin to open up the seals of Revelation ''[un]to his servants'' revealing to his servants the ''things which must shortly come to pass,'' would relate to the time setting announced in Revelation 17:10.  Of seven kings, five would be fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come'' but when the seventh does come it would be but for a ''short space.''

PROPHCIED TIMING:  When Jesus Christ first began to remove the seals and reveal to Herbert W. Armstrong how the plain language in Matthew 24 interprets the symbols of Revelation 6, it was the time of a few years of restoration of the Holy Roman Empire.

The PLAIN TRUTH, March, 1962, p. 26: "Fascism in Europe is about to be reborn in respectable business attire, and the Treaty of Rome will finally be implemented to its fullest extent...the dream of a Holy Roman Empire returning to power to dominate and direct the so-called forces of Christian mankind of the Western world [this dream] is not dead, but still stalks through the antechambers of every national capitol of continental Western Europe...IN THE DETERMINATION OF THE LEADERS IN THE COMMON MARKET NATIONS TO RESTORE THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE WITH ALL THAT THAT MEANS [Northwest Technocrat, Vol. XXV, No. 205]. United within ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire; united by the common spiritual bond of universal Catholicism; united in a burgeoning and booming industrial economy that dominates today's world; united geographically in the most productive and industrial complex on earth—at least TEN NATIONS OF MODERN EUROPE WILL MARCH ONTO THE SCENE OF WORLD HISTORY AS THE GREATEST SINGLE FORCE EVER SEEN BY MAN!"

"This United Europe will form a nonaggression pact or political alignment of some sort with the Soviet East. This United Europe will then consolidate its gains..."

NOTE:  Is the prophecy that this EU will form a nonaggression pact or political alignment of some sort with the Soviet East not today being fulfilled in part by the numerous meetings between German Chancelloress Angel@@ Merkel and Russian President @@.  [See stories @@.]

The PLAIN TRUTH, November, 1962, p. 10: "Just as certainly as we restore Western Europe to economic prosperity, and then to military power, a successor to Hitler will emerge, gain control of this power through a `United States of Europe,' which we [the U.S. government] are also encouraging, and we shall then wake up, too late, to realize we have restored our fascist enemy the power to destroy us!...battlefields are becoming economic, just as we said they would ...the movement is...forming toward complete political consolidation!"

The PLAIN TRUTH, November, 1962, p. 21: "Listen, now, to some of the most shocking news of recent times!
"ONLY THOSE DEAF TO THE SOUND OF HISTORY can fail to be excited by the French-German rapprochement and the steady movement toward the `making of Europe'...Historically, political union over so great a space came only from conquest or from the spread of a common culture. Where, in modern times, Napoleon, Bismarck, Hitler and Stalin failed, reason and mutual necessity are succeeding. A European political union would mean little if the ultimate power of deciding whether it fights...and going to rest with the Americans."
Ibid. p. 22: "In a recent address at Harvard University, Professor Walter Hallstein, President of the European Economic Community, said...the... market is...highly political. He considers it the substructure for a hoped-for United States of Europe. He said, `I want to stress is political, not just that it tends toward a political goal.'"

The PLAIN TRUTH, January, 1963, p. 5: "Daring new plans for monetary reform and economic planning are on the drawing boards. These will so inextricably mesh the economies of the Six, reports Time, that they will `clear the way for the final goal of a POLITICALLY UNITED EUROPE.'"

The PLAIN TRUTH, March, 1963, p. 3: "...a German STRONG MAN is the logical choice to ascend to the helm of the new POLITICALLY UNITED EUROPE."

Ibid. p. 14: "Der Spiegel...was especially critical of the great number of former Nazis who were being wooed by Bonn to join the government ranks. The West German regime defended its policy of permitting former top-ranking Nazis to become an integral part of the new German democracy."

The PLAIN TRUTH, October, 1964, p. 48: "Germany—A UNITED GERMANY with her former territories restored—is ready to emerge as the strongest nation on earth at the head of a revitalized...Europe! The power colossus is then going to deal a death blow to the United States and Britain..."

The PLAIN TRUTH, December, 1964, p. 16: "...God shows that in this end time He is going to use the modern Assyrians...the Germans—to dominate a United Europe."

The PLAIN TRUTH, April, 1965, p. 19: "In spite of Mr. Churchill's farsightedness, [this was written just after Churchill's death, Ed.], he could not see far enough into the future to visualize the outcome of a United States of Europe. He did not know from Bible prophecy that it would be comprised of ten nations, dominated politically by a Roman-Fascist-like system and religiously by a great universal, militant church. He could not foresee that this great politico/religio/economic power bloc of ten nations would not only refuse Britain membership [in the final United States of Europe—the ten], but would ultimately prove the undoing of the Anglo-Saxon peoples of America, Britain, and the Commonwealth countries."

The PLAIN TRUTH, May, 1967, p. 4: "Second to building up a strong Germany, Adenauer's efforts [this was written after "Der Alte" had died] were dedicated to the establishment of a United Roman Europe—a union of Germany with those lands once within the confines of the Roman Empire" [emphasis mine: NOTE: Today, the nations of Eastern Europe are not only long since out from under Communist domination, but are being gathered into NATO; being admitted as members of the new European Union, and being tabbed as a part of the new economic union; signing on to the "Euro," the new European currency! Remember, this was written almost four decades ago, when all mainstream protestant evangelicals were saying RUSSIA was the "beast" of prophecy, and ignoring Germany and Europe!].

The PLAIN TRUTH, October, 1968. [Editor's note: Herbert W. Armstrong's son, Garner Ted, had just returned from Munich and Bonn, following interviews with the late Franz Josef Strauss, who was then head of the Christian Socialist Union of Bavaria, and former Defense Minister. The article in the October issue included a lengthy question and answer session with Herr Strauss]. p. 6: "One of our major conditions [Strauss said] is that the desire for admission to the Common Market is not based upon the motivation to impede political integration. We want...members who are ready and prepared to join us on the way toward a political integration with the long-run goal of the United States of Europe." Later, underlining the fact that Strauss had become a strong proponent of European acquisition of nuclear weapons, he said, "I believe the Europeans should take more responsibility for their own defense...I see as the only chance... that of building up a Europe—integrating the Federal Republic of Germany into that Europe and building bridges from an attractive, economically powerful, political and influential Europe which can defend herself—including a nuclear potential—to add to the power of the Europeans."
What are we watching against?  Will the major power forming in Europe SHOCK its builders by eventually becoming a nuclear-armed ''United States of Europe'' that will have at is disposal an all-European air force and army?  Will it eventually occupy the Middle East?

The Papacy for years has been calling for a "United Europe stretching from the Atlantic wall to the Urals."  (The Ural mountains are EAST of Moscow!)


Today Germany is the strongest nation in Europe.  However, just as before WW2, all is not well in this modern-day nation with much a stirring.  Signs of unrest akin to that before WW2 bode ill for the future.  There is:

Acute political unrest
Massive unemployment
A rise in neo-Nazi groups
Economic Malaise (early signs of illness)

These symptoms of national illness threaten peace and security in Germany.

What is ahead for Germany and Europe and what will it mean to YOU where you live?

Look at the consistent prophecies and warnings published over the years in the Plain Truth magazine at a time when it was in the hands of a most faithful servant of God -- the late Herbert W. Armstrong whose voice is still heard speaking -- as if from the grave.  Here are a few excerpts:

The PLAIN TRUTH, June, 1952, p. 11: "The 10 `horns' the 17th chapter [of the Book of Revelation] ...will be...the revival of the BEAST, the Roman Empire, `out of the bottomless pit,' by a `United States of Europe,' or federation of 10 European nations within the bounds of the old Roman Empire*."

[*That includes such nations as those which for decades were under the heel of Soviet domination, part of the ''Warsaw Pact'' -- nations such as East Germany (now reunited its Western counterpart as simply Germany), Poland, Czechoslovakia (later divided into Czeck Republic and Slovakia), Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania -- in eastern Europe!].

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